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Parish Council Mission...


As a parish united with the Catholic Church universal, we the people of Sacred Heart Church proclaim our belief in the message and teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  As a proud, active parish,  we celebrate the presence of the Risen Lord among us especially during the liturgy of the Eucharist.  As a Catholic faith community, we provide support for all our members through liturgies, worship, education, service, and social events.  We seek to live out our beliefs while sharing with others our gifts and talents received from our Loving God.

If you enjoy being part of the decision-making process, here is where you belong. The folks who meet on this committee meet monthly to make sure that all of the parish committees are working towards our goal of discipleship.


Cheryl Cieucevich



Dawn Odom


Kristina Messore


Sara Laidlaw Woodruff

Josie Cooper


Christian Service:

Kristina Martell 

Andrew Anderson

John Hosey



Sergio Hernandez 



Brenda Boutin

Kirk Gilbert 


Spiritual Life:

Chuck Medlock





Parish Life:

Doris Stantiago  

Kristina Messore

Ruby Hall


Hispanic Community:

Sergio Hernandez 

Doris Santiago

Dianne Farr

Betty Simmons  


Adhoc Members of Council:

Fr. Kevin O'Keefe

Deacon Robert Larcher 

Deacon Paul Gutting 

Deacon Mario Rabusin 






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Online Giving

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