Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Savannah Georgia

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Parish in Savannah Georgia is a diverse faith community that extends its welcome to all who seek its embrace.  As a family of faith, we celebrate our discipleship with dynamic liturgy and other celebrations and activities that strengthen our Catholic Christian identity and commitment to one another.


Our Catholic family has its origins in the African-American community, having begun with the devoted dedication of Mother Matilda Beasley. Recognizing the evolution of the parish by service changing communities, Sacred Heart celebrates its unique place in Savannah.


Given  the location of our house of worship in an historic, urban setting, the Sacred Heart Parish family has a fundamental responsibility to those who share our neighborhood. In addition to the celebration of inclusive liturgy and parish activities, we recognize our obligation and accept as a gift the opportunity to be a herald and voice for the poor, the marginalized and the dispossessed.


We seek to enhance the spiritual health and continued growth of the parish membership. This is done by implementing educational programs for all parishioners and fostering creative modes of faith expression and awareness of ourselves as individuals and  as believers.


The Catholic Community of Sacred Heart views racial diversity as an opportunity to enhance our vision as a truly Christian people. Embracing and appreciating diversity forms the unique foundation of our parish and under girds it with strength.