Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Savannah Georgia

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with

Esther Brown, Charles Lord, Philip Buchheit

Mary Krauss, Betty Dionne, J.C. Lee, Sarah Kasper

Dough Hanny, Sr. Rose Mary Collins, Don Heirman

Gwen Ratcliff, Rebecca Clayton, Connie Howard

Charlynn Stanley, Louise Reeves

Ryan Buttimer, Robert Duggan, Dick Riddle

Mary De Antonio, Linda Farley,  Fran Urbaniak

Frank Allegretti

This week we pray for:

CPL Lawrence Reynolds & PTL Sherrell Brown



For the repose of the souls of all who have died recently.


The victims and families of all the terrorist attacks throughout the world.


All the needs of Sacred Heart parishioners: for their protection from evil, sickness or harm of any kind


All parishioners with special concerns


All the ministries and other works in motion within our parish


Our RCIA candidates and catechumens


Our Sunday School children, teachers and parents


The city of Savannah, especially for an end to crime and violence


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